A manufacturing and commercial company specializing in the sale of automotive accessories of Russian and foreign production in Russia and the CIS.

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Export to 50 countries all over the world

Complete system analysis of customer requirements. Supporting a high level of service and ensuring the stability of the quality of the goods provided

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LLC Autofamily company won the second place in the competition «Exporter of the Year»

LLC Autofamily company won the second place in the competition “Exporter of the Year in the Moscow Region”, in the category “Exporter of the Year in Industry”, based on the results of 2023.
This victory confirms the success of the company’s hard work and the importance of its products on the market. The Autofamily team expresses its gratitude to all partners for their trust and productive work and intends to set even more ambitious goals for 2024.


Introducing the versatile Element mats

We would like to introduce Element's mats latest innovation - universal mat that can be fitted to any vehicle. With this video you will learn how easy it is to fit a mat to the interior of your car.

youtube.com :
Fitting universal Element mats in the car interior



Autofamily has brought its design and manufacturing expertise to bear on the new generation of mats- TRIUMF. The company's experts used innovative material to give TRIUMF mats increased 4 mm thickness. Model mats replicate the geometry of the vehicle interior. The high board prevents moisture and dirt from spreading outside the mat. Lightweight and durable, TRIUMF mat is highly resistant to abrasion, which helps to maintain its aesthetic appearance and extend its service life. The manufacturer guarantees that the basic properties will remain for 5 years.



FORMAT interior mats have increased 3.5 mm thickness for increased abrasion resistance. The balanced combination of material recipe and floor mat thickness allows using FORMAT floor mats for 24 months without risk of wiping.
FORMAT mats perfectly replicate the geometry of the vehicle floor, thanks to the use of 3D scanning of the floor space during design. The high sides ensure that the interior is well protected from dirt and moisture.
3D flap completely covers the driver's foot rest area, including the side surface, thus preventing moisture and dirt from entering the vehicle's floor.