ARBORI Compressors

Every car driver can face with minor repairs on the road someday. The ARBORI compact air compressors will become your reliable assistant in such situations. Compressors with a capacity of 50 and 60 liters/minute are equipped with convenient LED-lights for using in the dark time. Each compressor has a high-precision branded manometer and pressure reducer.

There are models with connection to the car in the assortment: 1) from the car battery and 2) through cigarette lighter. A short- circuit protection function is provided for compressors. An electric cable up to 3 meters long and an air hose up to 4 meters long make it easy to reach the rear wheels. Three nozzles for a hose are included in the package, which makes the compressors universal in use (for pumping balls, bicycles, boats, etc.). The range is represented by various models: capacity 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 liters per minute. Each compressor has a bag in set.