ARBORI Stainless steel decorative accessories

Stainless steel decorative accessories are a way to express yourself, to transform your car, to make it stand out among others. By combining the various options of front and back protection as well as sills you can choose your own unique style. Also, Stainless steel decorative accessories are not only an addition to the car's exterior, often it is also a practical and functional product. You can select both ornamental sills and sills that can be used to facilitate entry into the vehicle.

Metal, of which Stainless steel decorative accessories are made, is resistant to scratches and can provide real protection of body external elements in the parking lot. Installation doesn’t require drilling and considerable effort, fasteners are reliable, design features of the vehicle are taken into account. Thanks to modern polishing technologies, appearance of the product will persist for years, causing positive emotions every time you look at your car!

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