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NLZ skid plates in one package

Friends, we have great news!
We care about the quality of our products, so now the kit of NLZ skid plates — canvas and fastener — you can purchase in one package.
The benefits of this purchase:
•    convenient storage and transportation;
•    excluded the loss of the fastener;
•    maximum safety of the product.
The supply of components separately - it’s yesterday. Purchase NLZ skid plates in one package.


Start your KVEST

The Kvest car floor mats – is the result of hard work of professionals. This product combines maximum comfort and safety.
In the production of Kvest car mats was used the innovative material - "Polystar", which we have developed.
Today the Kvest car mats are available for three models of cars:
- Lexus RX 2015
- Lexus LX 2015
- Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2015

Find more information on the website kvest-auto.com


The launch of the FROSCH brand

It is harder to meet the car owner who does not aspire to protect his car from the aggressive influence of the external environment.
In this case, we are talking about FROSCH mud flaps, which were added in a list of products of Autofamily Company.
FROSCH mud flaps is:
- European materials and manufacturing technology;
- effective protection;
- the original fastener;
- easy installation (no drilling of the car body);
Read more about FROSCH mud flaps on the website frosch.pro

18.08.2017 17:11:00

Dear Friends,

We hasten to let you know, that the Autofamily website has been updated. We wanted the site structure, navigation and representation of the most important sections to become more understandable, therefore we:
•    Increased site interactivity and speed;
•    Developed a brand slider and elaborated the function of downloading photos;
•    Created a mobile and English version of the site.

At the same time, we tried to keep the familiar interface as much as possible and hope that the website has now become more convenient to use.