A manufacturing and commercial company specializing in the sale of automotive accessories of Russian and foreign production in Russia and the CIS.

Application for all popular car brands

Door to door delivery right in time

Export to 50 countries all over the world

Complete system analysis of customer requirements. Supporting a high level of service and ensuring the stability of the quality of the goods provided

Complex solutions for successful promotion and sales of company products


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141112, Russia, Moscow Region, Shchelkovo, Moscow street, 27A, office 411

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Christmas competition

Dear partners, we thank the participants of #autofamily New Year campaign and remind that you can still manage to participate in it until January 31, 2017. The winner will be announced in February 2017 after an internal voting in the Company.


Gifts are not ending up around Christmas time

Dear partners,
We wish you good luck in coming Christmas and New Year!
Every partner who has received a present from Autofamily company can take a part in a Christmas competition, and win one of three prizes: An iPhone, an iPad or a Go-Pro camera.
Check the card for the rules of participation in the contest.
The winner will be announced in February 2017 according to the results of the internal voting of the Company’s employees.


Launching site for ECO

All best from the best – that is how we can describe “Eco” Skid Plate. If most of your routes pass through a metropolis and only occasionally take place on country roads, it is required to have the optimal level of an engine protection. Eco Skid Plate took the best from it’s older “NLZ” product line which are high-strength steel, powder coating, dampers and
Zinc-coated fasteners. The Eco Skid Plate does not repeat the shape of the pre-installed dustproof engine cover by 100%, but it has less weight, so why should you carry extra and waste more fuel for a short city trip?
Covers for technological holes are optional, and as well as all utilities are available for the order in case of needed installation or its’ loss.


Launching arbori-auto.ru website

Protective and decorative Arbori accessories is a way to express yourself, transform your car and make it unique. By combining different front and rear protection options and side steps, it is possible to match your unique style. At the same time, protective and decorative accessories are not only an addition to the exterior of a car, but often it is also a practical and functional product.

Now you can choose protective and decorative accessories for your car at Arbori website. All required POS materials are also available for downloading at the website.